Saturday, 26 September 2009

O.O.R.S - Output 09.03

The latest installment in O.O.R.S's Output series (it says here), this is a simple two-tracker with Hands Up on one side and Rhythm (feat Petti B) on the other.

Although up-to-date in terms of their production, both tracks have a feel that harks back to the mid-’90s. Hands Up is a simple driving house groove that reminds me of the best UK house circa ’93/’94 while Rhythm sounds like a US house cut from the same period. That sounds a bit arbitrary I know but Hands Up calls to mind the housier side of the much-underrated High On Rhythm label, while Rhythm, with its tribal drums and spoken vocal, would sit very well with a track I haven't really stopped playing since it came out in 1994, Ralphi Rosario's Sex With Him.

Oh, and the comparisons aren't meant to be a diss, either. Recalling what for me was a bit of a Golden Era is no bad thing. Anyway, you can HEAR THE TRACKS for yourself at the O.O.R.S MySpace and make your own mind up.

About the label: O.O.R.S Recordings (the initials stand for Out Of Reach Studios) is, as far as I can make out (cos I've not come across 'em before and they sent me bugger-all info), the label run by one Matthew Evans, AKA O.O.R.S, who's had tracks out on Freerange, Urban Torque, 2020 and Lost My Dog - a pretty impressive CV I'm sure you'll agree, so visit the O.O.R.S MySpace to find out more (and, like I say, listen to these two tracks)

PS Found the Ralphi Rosario on YouTube by the way - awesome killer record - click here

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