Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Tiger Stripes - Me & I

I'll say one thing for Tiger Stripes, AKA Swedish producer Mikael Nodrgren: he's a tricky bugger to pin down. He does soulful, he does tech, he does Afro… and here on Me & I he does a nice fusion of a synth riff straight out the box marked 'Italo house circa 1992' with shuffling-but-not-noodly beats. Throw in some treated vocal snippets and you've got a recipe for, y'know, people dancing, an' that.

Meanwhile on the 'B' (oh I'm so old-fashioned), you also get Velocity, which is aptly named cos it fair lickety-spits along at a techno pace, yet also manages to throw in some nice garage-y organ sounds. And garage-y organ sounds will go a long way towards getting you in my good books, always.

About the label: This comes atcha on Get Digital, which it doesn't take a genius to work out is the digital arm of M.A.N.D.Y, Booka Shade and DJ T's all-conquering Get Physical. They don't really need me to wax lyrical so I won't. Except to tell you that Me & I is out now, and you should maybe buy it.

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