Monday, 21 September 2009

Space - Carry On, Turn Me On 2009

Right then, we'll assume you know the original of this disco classic. Well, to coincide with the release of a Space 'best of', Tirk have now handed it over to a bunch of their artists to remix, with pretty interesting results.

Probably the mix that does the least to the original is from The Time & Space Machine, but as Mr Norris has been busy working on the T&SM debut album, which I for one can't wait to hear, we'll forgive him. Moving on then, you have two very different rubs from Bottin and AN2. These are interesting cos they're polar opposites. Both are very respectful to the original, but AN2 has done a fine job of updating the track by playing down the cheesier 70s analogue synth elements and boosting the low-end funk; conversely, Bottin celebrates and accentuates those very elements that AN2 leaves out. The result being two rubs that will cater perfectly for those at different places on the nu-disco continuum.

And finally, up steps Architeq, another Tirk artist with a new album out (Gold & Green). I'll be honest and say Architeq's brand of downtempo leftfield electronica isn't usually my bag, but here he provides an interesting alternative take on this classic cut and surely has to be commended for going his own way with it on what's by far the most radical pass.

All in all then, any nu-disco jock would be a fool to miss this one.

About the label: As 2009 has been all about nu-disco for me – there, I said it - Tirk has been one of the labels of the year round these 'ere parts. Find out why here.

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