Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Steve Mac - After Sundown

I am a chump.

This will come as no surprise to anyone reading this that knows me, but for those that don't, I should explain why I'm a chump. In this particular instance, I'm a chump because I got sent this tune about a month ago and I've only just got around to listening to it properly. Whereas what I should really have done is learned to drive and bought a car… just so I could drive around with After Sundown blaring out of the windows at full blast.

You may have guessed, I quite like this. It does for those whooshy synth sounds so beloved of Italian house producers of the early '90s, what That Big Track did for strings. In fact, it reminds me a great deal of the classic Babaji by Da Pinhas, so I'm gonna post a link to that here.

And while we're at it, we might as well have links to the two tunes Babaji is basically made out of, by DSK and Ralphi Rosario respectively.

Back to the present, and yeah, After Sundown is as soaraway uplifting a piece of house music as you're gonna hear all month, believe. There's also a non-retrofied mix by Anton Piete which is deeper and ever so slightly tribal, and doesn't have those Ital synths. It'd be great on its own but compared to the sheer nostalgic majesty of the original, it's a bit like going into your local Viking cafe and ordering Spam, eggs, chips and beans without the Spam…

And so finally… click here to hear After Sundown for yourself!

About the label: Weirdly, this is on Tronic, which is a techno label run by Christian Smith. Go figure. So it's pretty atypical of the Tronic sound I'd say, but here's their website anyway.

PS Just in case you haven't had enough classic Italian house… this track is total Goosebump City for me. Weren't the early 90s fun?

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