Saturday, 26 September 2009

Sandy Rivera ft Haze - Escape

This has been out for a couple of weeks now but we shouldn't ignore it. Mr KOT teams up once more with Haze to deliver a track that's made for big speakers and altered states, pure and simple. Haze's vocal is important to the track, sure, but unlike previous Haze/Rivera collabs this is really about big beats, an incessant three-note bass riff and getting lost in the music, more than it's about the song.

Mix-wise, there are two tougher, slighly proggy mixes from C. Castel, plus a more straight-up house rub from Sandy himself. And there's not really a lot more to say for now. It's one of those tracks that won't really hit you till you hear it pumping out of a big club stack and then, golly will it hit you…

About the label: Escape comes atcha on Blackwiz, which is of course Sandy's own label. Blackwiz releases have been coming thick 'n' fast of late so for more info, hit up their MySpace.

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