Monday, 21 September 2009

The Time & Space Machine - You Are The One EP

And speaking of The Time & Space Machine (see Space review, below), here's a new EP in preparation for Richard Norris's forthcoming long-player.

Title track You Are The One again recalls the spirt of Hawkwind in its use of repetition to drive its point home, as a four-note bass/keyboard riff endlessly cycles over a drifting flute-like synth backwash. Halfway through, a multi-tracked voice then starts to repeat the title. Which, when you break it down, doesn't sound all that. But this is a headtrip even when heard stone cold straight and sober at 3pm on a Monday afternoon – quite where it's going to take psychedelic adventurers, I can only guess at right now…

As for the other two tracks, Mo Cowbell sounds like Loop getting their disco groove on while Mushroom comes on like Primal Scream tackling the kind of dreamy, meandering instrumental that Caravan used to be quite good at some 30-odd years ago. Compared to the last T&SM release, the emphasis here is on the psychedelic rather than the dancefloor elements and the risk of fusing two diverse musical elements is of course that 'purists' on either side of the fence will sneer. But if they do, they're missing out on some great music, so more fool them. Roll on the album.

Peace, love, etc.

About the label: Like the Space single this is also on Tirk. Are you sick of hearing about them yet?

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