Saturday, 12 September 2009

Chris Carrier & Jef K - Morning EP

Remember Silver Network, the French label that, between 1999 and 2006, put out tracks by Migs, Dixon, Charles Webster, Freaks, Pepe Braddock, etc? Well, they're back, and back in style with this EP that sees label boss Jef K (who's also one of the guys behind the rather good Crack & Speed imprint) teaming up with with fellow Gallic type Chris Carrier for two slices of retro disco-inspired action.

Both tracks, Morning and I'm In Love Today are sample-based, but I'll cough to being ignorant as to where the samples come from*. It doesn't really matter, cos both cut a rather fine shimmy on the dancefloor. And both come from that kind of hinterland where if this had come out on Anorak Trax or Underground Vibe ten years ago, the hipsters would have called it 'disco house' and sneered… whereas if it came out on DFA or Tirk now, suddenly it'd be 'nu disco' and they'd be jizzing in their pants. I digress. Suffice to say that, if that deep house/disco meltdown zone is where you were planning on party-starting in the foreseeable future, then these would be two extremely useful bullets for your love gun**.

Oh yeah, it's OUT THIS WEEK, as well.

About the label: So yes, Silver Network. Back. Good. Have a look their website if you like… I guess that'd make us all 'Silver surfers', eh readers? Ahem.

* Oh, apparently one's from 1979's I'm In Love by Cela, who was Italian. If that helps.

** Good God, what am I saying?

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