Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Various - Munich Disco Tech 5

I'll admit it, I've somehow managed to miss the first four installments in the Munich Disco Tech series but on this evidence I'll be tracking them down ASAP, cos this EP is quite frankly da bomb. Denis Horvat's Bitch is too techno-y for me but the other four tracks – Juan Sanchez's Elvis, Tignino & Leo's Into The World (in Original and Oliver Klein Remix forms) and Sultan & Ned Shepard's Kitsch – are all great: jackin', discofied house grooves that show how much influence Sneak and the Relief sound have had on the German house scene. Even though the artists actually come from Holland, Italy and Canada, respectively.

This is out OUT THIS WEEK, so go seek. Oh, and here's a fascinating fact for you: Into The World features a vocal from Mark Kerr, son of Jim. Simple things please simple minds (see what I did there?)

About the label: Great Stuff is another one of those German labels (see also Gigolo, Get Physical etc) that I probably ignored for far too long, and as a result you probably know far more about them than I do. My bad. Anyway here's the Great Stuff website and I'll go eat a great big pie made of humble, shall I?

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