Sunday, 9 December 2012

Nick Harris – Oscillate Mildly EP

Nick Harris Oscillate Mildly EP Stoned Immaculate
And speaking of 'scene veterans' who moved on a bit, here comes my boy Nick Harris, NRK label co-owner and general all-round good egg.

In keeping with Nick's other recent material, the three original tracks here sit right on the border of deep house and deep techno, and as such should appeal to lovers of either/both. Oscillate Mildly itself (five points to anyone who spotted the Smiths pun there) works insistent shuffling percussion, analogue synth squelches a-gogo and what I'm pretty sure is a Deee-Lite vocal sample, Six Feet High is a more proggy, pulsating kinda choon while The Science is the closest the EP comes to classic NRK-style deepness. Rounding out the EP, a Penner & Muder Remix of the title cut takes us even further towards deep techno territory, adding a spoken male vocal to boot.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Nick's own Stoned Immaculate, who can be found mostly on Soundcloud.

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