Monday, 10 December 2012

Manuel De La Mare & Luigi Rocca – Across The Universe

Manuel De La Mare & Luigi Rocca Across The Universe 303 Lovers
Finally for this evening*, if the three deep house cuts below are little too headnoddy/chinstroke-y for ya then this stonking track aimed fair and square at the dancefloor should see you right.

There's just the one mix, and there ain't nothing but a big, chugging tech-house groove going on… but oh, what a groove it is. I'm particularly loving the way the highs build and build, creating tension before it all stops, a female voice urges to "come on" and we drop right back down to the pulsing, bass-and-drum rhythm. And then do it all again. Repetition repetition repetition repetition!

One of the most irresistible orders to dance I've heard for a while – check it!

Out: Sunday (Dec 16)

About: This comes on Italian label 303 Lovers, which is run by Alex Kenji plus Messrs Rocca and De La Mare themselves. Find 'em on Facebook and Soundcloud.

*(probably, but you never know your luck)

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