Thursday, 10 November 2011

TIWWD is on holiday! But first...

Eek! Right, it appears TIWWD is now pretty much about to go on holiday, and there's a few bits and pieces out this week we haven't talked about yet. So just very quickly – and with apologies to the artists/labels that it IS so quickly – here's some more cool new music that you should know about...

Jan Tenner - Whatever
More of Fullbarr's excellent deep n' dubby 'Is it house? Is it techno?' vibes here. Henry Gilles' Cakes In The Basement Mix of b-side Piece Of Cake, in particular, is a thing of late night beauty. This label seems to be going from strength to strength and it's good so see them getting the attention they deserve.

Johnny Cade - Gross Vater EP
Not in a hugely dissimilar vein from the Jan Tenner this, actually – electronic music for the mind as well as the body, as they used to say. The slightly prog-tinged Platipussy is my pick, but Vertigoed (in two mixes) is also cool.

Locarini - Bonfire/Para Baillar
Loving this one – proper bouncy, driving tech-house for your dancing pleasure, but not in a stoopid way. Not much else to say really but it's good, trust me! Comes from King Street's Street King imprint.

Various - Mind Pollution EP
And finally, so all the D&B heads don't feel left out, here's a four-track V/A EP from the ever-checkable Section 8 Dub with two fierce numbers from Sick Or Well Vs Quentin Hiatus and Critical Waves, and two more minimal cuts from Taos and Insatek. Darkness and paranoia abound… but, y'know, in a good way.

Right, that's it… TIWWD is off on holiday! Very exciting – catch you soon.

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