Thursday, 3 November 2011

Ant Brooks - Starlight

An uncomplicated slab of disco house here, courtesy of a label you might not expect… Umek's 1605 Music Therapy.

I say 'uncomplicated' because there's nothing we haven't heard before here, really. But it's relatively cheese-free (insofar as disco house can ever be), and you do get two mixes to choose from, Ray RosenfelD's Remix being a bit tuffer and vaguely Sneak-ified number with some 90s Real 2 Reel-type synth sounds thrown in, while the Original is more your straight-up filtered loop + vocal affair.

Not an essential purchase, perhaps, but it's all good clean fun… and it's also interesting to see 1605 heading in this different direction.

Out: This week

About: 1605 Music Therapy are of course better known for their driving, East European techno and tough tech-house… but then you knew that

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