Saturday, 26 November 2011

Onoff - Brown EP

Our second of the week from Angel Alanis and Steve Parker's Home Audio Recordings label… but when a label's on a roll, who am I to hold them back?

The four-track EP kicks off with Sorte Amplificada, a fairly uptempo rollin' house groove with subtle female vocal elements that's credited to Onoff Vs Tambor. All well and good, but it's when we go a little bit deeper that things get really interesting. Wednesday Night is a deep purist's delight with a proto-garage flavour that's not, in fact, hugely dissimilar from the Sleazy McQueen release below, Disco Fever is in a similar vein just a little more uptempo and with a few more dancefloor peaks and troughs, while finally Umbrella is a proper heads-down dancefloor workout for the deep floors with woodblock percussion, female 'ohs' buried deep in the mix, some snatches of preacherman vocal and – most importantly – some Jersey-style organs to die for.

Proper heads' bizniss and no mistake, guv'nor

Out: This week

About: Visit Home Audio online on Facebook, on Soundcloud and at their own blog.

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