Saturday, 26 November 2011

Francesco Tarantini - Mind Tracks EP

A six-track EP from Italy's Francesco Tarantini here, coming on the mighty Nite Grooves. Nite Grooves has always, of course, been King Street's home for the jackin', tracky shiznit and this EP is no exception!

In fact, I'd say Nite Grooves is pretty much the perfect home for this release, because across its six tracks it bridges the gap nicely between traditional NYC house (as you'd find on King Street) and more contemporary, techy European vibes (as you'd find on Street King). If it's tuff, no-nonsense heads-down deep/tech house for the dancefloor you're after then head for The Flow or Put Your Sunglasses on. If you want a little more of a Wave Music/Body & Soul-style ethno-infused vibe then check No Solution or Amazon, while finally the Eric Power B Remix of The Flow adds a few good-time disco tinges and The Great is an uncompromising slab of raw machine soul.

Admittedly I'm not so into the two Afro-y cuts myself but that's purely a matter of personal taste… this is nonetheless a very strong EP all round.

Out: This week

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