Thursday, 24 November 2011

Lorenzo Marrucci - Different Tastes EP

The fifth release from Angel Alanis and Steve Parker's Home Audio Recordings is an EP from Italy's Lorenzo Marrucci, who you'd never believe was a mere 21 years old judging by the quality and maturity of the music. But tis true.

Deep Tool is a simple deep, drifty late-night groove, featuring speech samples from what sounds like an interview with a movie or rock star talking about cars, women and, er, tax avoidance. It's cool, but it's the Bigi & Laurentiu Remix I'm feeling more, an altogether more rolling and funky affair. On the B, House Sweet House is a similarly rolling and funky instrumental in a 'dancefloor deep' kinda vein, and then the EP comes to a close with Looking Out, a deep, tech-y and most decidedly groovy houser with more sampled speech (this time from an interview with a stuntman, or so it would seem).

Okay, so perhaps there's nothing hugely groundbreaking or mindblowing going on… but to get four tracks this good and this varied from such a young producer is truly a rarity. Keep an eye on this fella.

Out: This week

About: As stated this is on Home Audio Recordings, who are based (of course) in Chicago. You can find 'em on Facebook, Soundcloud and their own blog.

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