Monday, 7 November 2011

PJC - Gna Get High/That Road

Well it's Monday again… a nuisance, I find, Mondays. So let's lift all our drooping spirits by getting straight in the groove with some straight-up jackin' house music.

A simple two-track affair, this one. Gna Get High owes a heavy debt to classic NYC-style house, with a little bit of a Joey Negro-esque disco touch on top… 'simple but effective', I think is the phrase here. On the flip, meanwhile, That Road is a slightly darker n' drummier affair with lots of filter action – so we're in New York again, this time gettin' down to Junior circa 1995.

Like I said, just some straight-up jackin' house to get the blood pumping.

Out: This week

About: This is on Quadraphonic Recordings, who I don't know HUGE amounts about to be honest but who can be found on MySpace and Facebook if you want to do some digging... and oh, look! In the Facebook photos there's a review I wrote of a previous release, where I said they were Spanish. So I guess they must be. I don't just make this shit up, you know. Well, not stuff like that, anyway.

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