Saturday, 5 November 2011

Melos & Kyber - Stroboscopic

Don't know if this was called Stroboscopic in homage or if it's just coincidence, but this latest gem from UK duo Melos & Kyber doesn't, indeed, sound a million miles from the kind of lush, uber-deep house/garage with which legendary Jersey label Strobe Records made their name back in the day. Rich, resonant basslines, crisp snares, lilting sax licks and gently tinkling xylophones and all!

And when you factor in remixes from some of the best of the current crop of deep/tech house producers – Martijn, Tom Ellis, Paul Hardy & Mckai and Pete Weasel – well, it'd be really rather silly to miss this one…

Out: This week

About: This is another winner from 22 Digit Records (Pete Weasel being one of the label head honchos). Here they are on Facebook, MySpace and Posterous

Oh yeah and if you're maybe a bit younger and not familiar with the mighty Strobe Records… try Hayden Andre's The Voyage or Kingdom Come's Groovy Baby for starters. The latter has to be one of my favourite records of all time...

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