Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Solo - Pumpnickel EP

There was a point where, much as I was loving the stuff coming out of Munich's Great Stuff stable, there did seem to be a risk of them getting stuck in something of a 'bouncy tech-house' rut. I needn't have worried, as this latest release eschews such vibes for a more straight-up house feel.

The original mix of Pumpernickel, in fact, with its diva vox and pumping kicks, sounds like it could have come straight out of a New York house club circa 1993-95… and I mean that as a compliment. It comes accompanied by a Marco Lys Remix, which has slightly more of a techy edge but retains the overall nostalgic vibe… you could have dropped this one at the likes of Vague or Luvdup back in the day, no problem.

And then finally, there's more retro fun in the form of the liberally piano-sprinkled Take A Look, though here the Berlin-ish chopped n' looped vocal gives the track a slightly more contemporary feel than the title track.

All told, a very strong offering indeed… I've been something of a Great Stuff fan generally this past couple of years, but this is one of their best in a while. So you know what to do…

Out: This week

About: Just in case we weren't clear, this comes on Munich's finest Great Stuff. Look out soon as well for a Marco Lys single on which Solo returns the remix favour – but more on that one when it's out…

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