Thursday, 3 November 2011

LO - Static Movement

And from a techno label putting out disco-house, to a (mostly) techno label putting out… techno. Static Movement by LO is, though, techno of the deep n' groovy variety, and as such should appeal equally to househeads. If I tell you that LO is actually France's Laurent Blondeau, who's associated with Mr C's Superfreq brand, you should get some idea of the kind of thing to expect.

Mix-wise, you get the original plus two refixes from We Love… resident Luv*Jam and one from label boss Mitch Davis. The former turns in a brace of much deeper bleeps n' beats-oriented mixes of which I'd humbly suggest the Sunrise mix has the most dancefloor energy, while Mr Davis takes us into deep prog territory.

In fact, I think it's Mitch's rub I'm feeling the most, but to be honest all four are pretty strong and if you're looking for something heavily electronic but melodic at the same time, you could do a LOT worse than pick this up.

Out: This week

About: This comes to you courtesy of Mitch Davis's own Black Sheep Trax, in case I hadn't made that clear! As well as their own website you can find 'em on Facebook

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