Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Hamza - Groove Guru EP

Another label I've been feeling a lot lately are Unrivaled Music, and here's yet another example of why, as Hamza – who I'm guessing, though it doesn't explicitly say so, is the same Hamza who runs India's leading house label Wind Horse Records – serves up three tracks of quality house/deep house for your dancing pleasure.

Groove Guru itself is a party-starting slab of funky-fuelled disco house done properly… with a fat-ass bassline and a vocodered vocal (I'm a sucker for vocoders), this would almost be worthy of the great Mr Lee himself circa Universe Of Love. And that's praise indeed coming from me!

Funky Chuski treads a similarly funk/disco-inspired path, but this time with the addition of some serious jazz-funk saxuality… and then, just to prove our boy Hamza's no one-trick pony, Giving It Up is an altogether deeper dancefloor nugget, with a heavy jazz influence. Oh yeah, and the female half-sung, half-spoken – and then chopped n' sampled – vocal reminds me, for some reason, of Thandie Newton in the film Gridlock'd.

Incidentally, if you've never seen Gridlock'd (with Tupac, Tim Roth and the aforesaid Ms Newton), you really should… EXCELLENT film. But I digress. What we're here to talk about is this record and, yeah, it's yet another bomb from Unrivaled.

Out: This week.

About: The currently on-fire Unrivaled Music is of course part of Essex's Endemic stable

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