Saturday, 26 November 2011

Phonic Funk - Dreaming Of You

First release on here for a while from Nightbird – we lost touch for a little while when my old iDJ email stopped working but it's sorted now – and I'm pleased to be able to report the French label hasn't lost its… knack (I nearly said 'touch' but I won't, for obvious reasons!)

Dreaming Of You is, for the first 3.45 or so of its life, a simple chugging deep/tech-house groove… before a big analogue synth crescendo sweeps everything away before it and the track drops away into a few moments of hands-in-the-air beatless bliss. And then in comes this trumpet… before we're back, now fully refreshed and energised, into the chuggery again. If you thought deep house couldn't do dancefloor drama, or if you thought you couldn't do big proggy breakdowns in a jazzy kinda way, think again! Awesome stuff.

And that's not all. Daniel Kyo's mix is even more dramatic, with a big, slow-building bottom-end that's positively hair-raising and more than a hint of The Man With The Red Face about the whole affair, while bonus cut Trapped (no relation to the Col Abrams classic) lightens the mood a little with some classic deep-but-uplifting house flavas.

Blending elements of prog, deep and tech house, this is, quite simply, a superb EP.

Out: This week

About: In one of the last-ever issues of iDJ, I named Sebastian Davidson's Nightbird as one of THE best deep house labels around. On this evidence, I see no reason to revise or retract that judgement at all! Find out more about 'em here

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