Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Yukio Berghholdt - Future Diamonds

Evening all... gonna keep this short and sweet cos I'm not really in the mood, for various reasons I won't bore you with... still, the show must go on eh?!

So on to Future Diamonds, which is the latest from Ooze Recordings. It's another very deep number, although this time more from a deep techno/minimal rather than a deep house perspective. It's quite blippy and glitchy, and we're definitely talking warm-up/comedown fodder rather than a floor-filler (except maybe in specialist minimal clubs?) but s'good. Not my favouritest release of the year or anything, but good.

Just the one mix promo'd, don't know about the full release...

Out: This week

About: This is the 19th release from Ooze, who are based in Wolverhampton and who seem to cover quite a broad spectrum of house, techno and prog... but their tracks are always worth a listen, at least! Find 'em online here.

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