Friday, 9 July 2010

Sonny Fodera - Roadkill EP

The latest from the mighty Drop Music here, and something of a surprise, cos it's a fair bit more accessible/poppy than you might expect. Not in a horrible way, though – only in the way that, say, a lot of Naked or Om stuff used to be quite accessible/poppy.

And if you can leave your cool credible underground prejudices at the door for a moment, you might find this kicks some booty all the same. With a vocal that's got definite R&B leanings, Never Knew in fact reminds me a little bit of classic UKG circa 1999 – you could play this next to, say, Bizzi's Party, and it'd sound right at home. Well, I'd give it a go, anyway. What You Want has a little of that old skool 'house n' garage' feel to it as well, while the Inland Knights Typewriter Mix of the latter sees the boys venturing into electrofunk territory – not to mention giving a cheeky little nod to Ma Foom Bey in passing.

So yeah… not your standard Drop fodder for sure, but definitely well worth checking!

Out: Monday (12 July)

About: Oh come on, you don't need me to tell you about either Drop Music or the Inland Knights. As for Sonny Fodera, he's from Adelaide, Australia and he's had stuff out on Salted before as well as Drop.

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