Monday, 26 July 2010

Rich Jones - Components For The Journey EP

Not sure I've featured anything from the Greta Cottage Workshop label on here before… they send me various bits n' bobs but it's usually been a bit too much on an arty/weirdy downtempo/leftfield tip for me. This EP though is more in a slo-mo house kinda vein… it's slow, it's mellow and it's so laidback it's horizontal, but it's house (of sorts) all the same methinks.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any deeper than the Anton Lanski record below!

So yeah, four tracks, all of 'em definitely aimed at post-club listening, but all round it's an EP that's definitely worth checking.

Out: Friday (July 30)

About: As I said, this is on Greta Cottage Workshop, who I don't know a lot about cos as I say, other releases haven't grabbed me as much… but anyway, they're based in the UK and here's the website so you can find out more. They say their "sole purpose is to get great unheard electronic music out into the world" and you can't argue with that, really...


  1. Why, thank YOU for reading! Always nice to know someone does... :-)