Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Odd Couple - Lady Shaker/Grass Roots

After all that moody Berlin tech-house here's something altogether jollier and more organic.

Not sure I've ever featured a Jalapeno Records release on this blog before – and they're probably not speaking to me anyway, after I only gave the new Max Sedgley album 6/10 in iDJ – but this is in line with the label's recent 'less breaks, more funk' kinda direction. Two summery, good-time grooves from the pairing of Sneaky Fox and Ernesto Picaro, with Grass Roots a little more house-ified and Lady Shaker more just an eminently playable slab of contemporary funk.

Grab this and get down wit yo bad self. Or something.

Out: This week

About: I do actually like a lot of Jalapeno's stuff, the rather disappointing Sedgley long-player notwithstanding! Find 'em on the worldwide web here.

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