Sunday, 18 July 2010

Weichold, Babicz, DJ Earthian

Is it house? Is it techno? That's a question that's harder to answer these days than it used to be, isn't it? And here are three singles that continue the boundary-blurring.

First, Robert Babicz comes with the Remote Kiss EP, which features three new tracks NOT taken from his recent Immortal Changes album. The Sun and Simple Feeling are more deep techno than deep house for sure, but for househeads, the title track Remote Kiss is where you want to be heading.

Out: This week

About: Remote Kiss comes atcha on Babiczstyle: it's his own label, obviously, and this is the very first release. You can HEAR THESE TRACKS at the equally brand-new (and still quite basic) Babiczstyle website.

Next up, Rainer Weichold, whose Reis comes in five mixes and operates in a similar techno-gone-disco kind of arena to classic Dave Angel, Carl Craig or Cajual Records material. You might expect to hear the likes of Derrick Carter or DJ Sneak playing this one.

Out: This week

About: This samples Helge Schneider, who as far as I can see appears to be some sort of German Bill Bailey. And it's on BluFin, a German label I've not come across before; they've had stuff out from the likes of Martin Eyerer, James Talk, Cass & Mangan and John Acquaviva, and you can find out more by visiting their MySpace.

And finally in this little mini round-up there's DJ Earthian, who's apparently one-half of Animaltek but who's making his solo debut with Te-Nos on dubKULT's Living Records label.

Deep, chugging tech-house is the order of the day here as well, with three mixes of Te-Nos plus bonus cut Skrower. The Kife Remix is more a straight-up techno affair but the other rubs should work on open-minded house floors, while the 5:4 Dubbed Mix is particularly interesting because it does, indeed, operate in 5/4 time. Admittedly the track's so stripped and minimal you'd hardly notice the difference, but still…

Out: This week

About: Think I've told you most of what I know, but DJ Earthian is from Azerbaijan via Israel and now lives in New York, if that's any help? Oh yeah and here's the Living Records website, though it doesn't look to have been updated in a while (ha! says Mr Sudden Week-Long Gap... I can't really comment, can I?)

**UPDATE: As per the comment received below... you can now find an up-to-date Living Records website here


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