Saturday, 24 July 2010

Bass Clef - Hey Ya EP

A simple two-tracker here from Fresco Records, a label I'm not 100% sure I've come across before though this would appear to be their 28th release.

Tough, techy house is the order of the day on A-side Hey Ya itself, which should keep floors chugging along nicely. B-side The Dub Lesson, meanwhile, is in a similar vein but slightly sparser, and reminds me of Strictly Rhythm's trackier output circa 1990-91. It does have a certain skank to it, as well… insofar as a tech-house track can, anyway.

Out: This week

About: Apparently Bass Kleph is one of Australia's top 10 DJs… who knew? He's also prone to wearing singlets, which is never something I'd advise personally but there you go. Anyway, you can find out all about him at his website or MySpace. Or you can find out more about Fresco by clicking here.

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