Sunday, 25 July 2010

Dekata Project - Your Number/Shake It Up

This is about as poppy a release as you're ever gonna get on TIWWD, but then this blog's meant to be non-genre-specific so that's okay, I guess...

Your Number features a vocal from Natalie Williams – one of the great under-rated soul voices of the current generation, since you ask. In its original form, it's a lo-slung, funk-dance-pop groover that will appeal to those who dig, f'rinstance, Crazy P, or Roisin Murphy's solo output. It then gets a stutter-tastic percussive makeover courtesy of Zed Bias in his Maddslinky guise – this mix is aimed most directly at UK funky floors, with its fat squelchy b-line, but is surely upbeat and energetic to also have broader appeal...

Rounding out the EP is Shake It Up, another pop-dance offering, this time featuring the near-falsetto (female) vocals of Neo Joshua. One for the summer BBQs and Brand New Heavies fans.

Out: Now (but only quite recently, don't panic)

About: I've told ya about Dekata Project before… but here's the website if you missed it.

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