Sunday, 25 July 2010

Andy Compton - The Plan

I've bemoaned* a few of Andy's more recent releases for going too far down that noodly kinda avenue where 'soulful' = 'a bit wishy-washy'. No such complaints here.

Instead, The Plan is a deep-as-you-like deep houser, with a spoken vocal from some black dude about police harrassment sitting atop crisp beats and more of those luvverly pads we just can't get enough of. The beats in question are kept minimal on the brace of Andreas Saag mixes, or are more rolling on the Rurals Mix; the latter also features some of those dreamy wah-wah'd jazz-funk geetars that have become something of a Compton trademark in the past coupla years, and so would be my choice for late-night listening.

Out: Good question. Now-ish, I think, but they didn't specify an exact date.

About: This isn't on Peng for once but rather on an Australian label called Deepermotions, who I've not come across before… BUT they've had stuff out also from Matt Bandy (of This Is Why We Dance - The Record fame) and, while they don't seem to have a website as such, they HAVE got a Soundcloud page where you can HEAR THIS FOR YOURSELF. Hurrah!

*mostly in private, though I've said as much to Andy himself so don't mind saying it here

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