Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Stephen Rigmalden - Your Love Keeps

Might as well stick with 'soulful things beginning with S…'! This one comes from Californian DJ, producer and Soso Deep label owner Stephen Rigmalden.

Whether it's Rigmalden himself singing isn't made 100% clear, but yeah, Your Love Keeps is a male-vocalled affair. It comes in four mixes, although for some reason the Deep Mix seems to have gone walkabout… in the meantime, the Original has quite a nice old-skool trippy/floaty feel to its little synth squiggles and the Afro mix will suit those soulful clubs/jocks currently getting all excited about the South African stuff, but for me the Dazzle Drums Remix is the one. It's got that kind of deep-meets-prog feel that's also quite current right now (as well as the SA stuff I mean), and would work equally well in the specialist clubs, or as warm-up fodder for a broader range of DJs (on the White Isle in particular, methinks).

Out: This week

About: This ISN'T on Rigmalden's own label, but rather on London-based Centric Music, whose website might magically appear in your browser if you click with your mouse roundabout… ooh, here, say.

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