Saturday, 24 July 2010

Holger Flinsch - Sultans Im Tanzcafe

I wasn't sure I was gonna review this cos it's a bit more proggy than I'd normally go for… only then iTunes happened to wander onto it the other night while I was doing something else, and it really got under my skin.

There are two tracks, Sultans In Wind and and Ein Sonntag Im Tanzcafe, with two mixes of each. And probably the reason I wasn't grabbed immediately is that this is the kind of slow-burning, dreamy fodder that needs to be heard in full, to really appreciate it.

Actually, to REALLY appreciate Sultans In Wind, you'd probably want to be in a field or big dark room somewhere, feeling a little 'altered' circa 4am as it came pumping out of a very large rig. Just close your eyes, forget the world, forget the people, forget your name… get lost in the music, baby. Yeah. Ein Sonntag Im Tanzcafe, meanwhile, is like the same kinda thing, if Georgio Moroder and The Grid had collaborated on it.

Remixes come from Gabriel Le Mar and Shabu Vibes, respectively, but neither does anything that different; never mind, cos this is still tough, driving, epically-inclined house done the way it should be.

Out: This week

About: This is only the second release on new German label Spielstaub. Find out more and HEAR THIS at their MySpace.

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