Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Steal Vybe - Passion In Me

Not had anything particularly "soulful" on here for ages, which says a lot about how my personal listening tastes have altered over the past couple of years… but there are plenty of people out there who still love the soulful stuff and this is certainly a pretty strong example of the genre.

There are four mixes in total on the full release, but only two promo'd, Ezel's Remix and Ezel's Dub. The tune itself some of you will know - it was first out in 2005, in fact I'm pretty sure I reviewed it in iDJ at the time. The new rubs marry shuffling percussion with some crazy squealin' and squallin' Hammonds that sit quite subtly in the mix; of the two I'm preferring the Dub, cos it brings those organs a little more to the fore.

Out: This week

About: Not much I should need to tell you about King Street, but here's the website just in case.

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