Friday, 29 May 2009

Bentley & Ben Gomori - Alpha EP

Seamless deliver the goods once again, this time with some nice chunky house grooves coming in mixes to suit a range of tastes. Peacock Theory is on a proggy tip but still pretty deep and funky, in a similar way to how Lexicon Avenue operate, and comes with a Chris MiMo mix that's just a little bit techier without getting silly. Maida Vale is another proggy cut that could have come off a Sasha mix circa 1993/94, and Jay Kay gives it a funkier, housier rework. There's just a smidge of electro to his remix, too… but then at 5:01, along comes a MASSIVE old skool hands in the air piano breakdown that's guaranteed to put a big daft grin on the face of 'those that remember'. Come on!

About the label: I've waxed lyrical about Seamless Black Label before, suffice to say they're on point here and here's the website. Oh yeah and while you're there check out the rather spiffing Best Nights Ever compilation, too, of which you can read a full review in the summer issue of iDJ.

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