Monday, 18 May 2009

John Oudo - It's Alright

"It's all right"* is about the size of this one, a perfectly playable tune in that soul/jazz-inflected kinda way that will go down with fans of MAW or Bugz without, probably, ever really setting the floor on fire. The best thing about it is when singer Dionne Mitchell - who undoubtedly has a fine jazz voice, and who's apparently been an X-Factor finalist** - goes into scat mode. I'm a sucker for a scat vocal. Skibby-ba-da-ba-daa!

About the label: it's on Bigspin Music, which is Oudo's own label and based in that London. Visit their website by clicking here.

*note correct spelling!
**I have never even seen X-Factor, I'm very pleased to say, so will have to take their word for this. 

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