Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Steve Mac & Paul Harris - Dizzy Heights

Must admit I'm not really feeling the original mix of this, it starts out in a cool French Kiss style but then gets far too in-your-face screechy-acid-techy for me, in a Higher State kinda way. Brrrr. I'm liking the Nic Fanciulli remix a lot more: again it's very techy but in a more restrained style and all the better for it, with that Berlin swing to the drums which should earn it favour at the mo'

About the label: This is why I'm writing about this one, really, cos it's on sMACk, which is Steve Mac's new label (this is their 2nd release), and Steve is a top geezer, with the emphasis on 'geezer' :-). Nic is also a nice lad who's done a lot to show love for iDJ so gotta give this props, really! Steve Mac's MySpace has some more info... 

Oh, and also, recently while sorting out the record room I rediscovered That Big Track... what a tune that was before they stuck the shoddy vocal on it!

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