Sunday, 17 May 2009

Roland Clark pres Urban Soul - 'Until We Meet Again'

Roland Clark has made records I wasn't in love with, but not, I don't think, under the Urban Soul banner - pretty much everything with the Urban Soul stamp on it, going right back to 'Alright' back in the day, has been pretty much essential in my book. Until We Meet Again is no exception, a simply beautiful paean to a lost love. Six mixes on the full release apparently, but I only got sent the two from Dolls Combers. But those will do! If you like it deep and soulful this is for you.

About the label: it's on the mighty King Street Sounds... just one of the best and longest-running US house stables there is, nuff said!

ALSO NEW from King Street this month are Magic by FCKS feat Manchildblack, which is one for those who like it very very VERY soulful, plus a couple of cuts on their new 'noisy stuff for noughties kids' label Street King from Geronimo Cadillac (a version of Primal Scream's Rocks) and Supernova Vs Johnny Dangerous

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