Monday, 18 May 2009

Parov Stelar - Monster EP

Head straight for the third track Silent Snow, which is the kind of jazz-fuelled wigout you can imagine someone like Carter, Sneak or Farina dropping and the place going ker-razy. Pity the title track is noisy electro-rock-dance bollocks then, really. The other track Nosferatu is a bit of a big room number with a certain charm to its driving rave-y urgency, but TBH I'd be ignoring this if it wasn't for Silent Snow. Apparently some remixes of Silent Snow are also on the way so I'll keep you posted, if I get posted them!

About the label: It''s on Austrian label Etage Noir. Which is a new one on me but judging by their website they've been going for a bit. Who knew?

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