Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Das Volt - 'Gestures'

Couldn't review this for iDJ's house page cos it's too downtempo to really be called 'deep house', although there's definitely a lot of that in it... which I guess makes it instead "a fine offering inna nu/cosmic disco kinda stylee"... not that there's anything especially 'nu' about it... just nice floaty vibes with a hefty dose of very restrained funk in the bottom end that stops it from wandering off into 'pointless head music' territory. In all you get four mixes of Gestures, plus the equally groovy and particularly funky bonus cut Fantasy

About the label:: it's on Late Night Audio, which is run by Danny Clark and Toby Tobias. They describe their music policy as 'house, Detroit, proto funk, Afrobeat and discoid- influenced flavors,' which is a pretty groovy-sounding place to be I guess. You can read more about the label at their website here, also have a peep at Das Volt's MySpace.

In other news: the new Yousef album 'A Collection Of Scars And Situations' isn't bad in a straight-up techno style, but has anyone else noticed how much 'Fun Whore' sounds like Bow Wow Wow? Which on a techno album surely takes some doing!

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