Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Izzy Stardust - 'After The Love'

Actually it's Izzy Stardust feat Dave McPharrell, to give it the full name

Anyway, yeah... so it seems like a good 50% of stuff I get sent at the moment is a cover, or samples a very familiar old vocal/riff, or is some kind of 'cheeky' bootie or rework... collective nostalgia for the glory days of rave? Attempt to cash in on the so-called 'house revival'? You decide. I don't really care, early house n' rave was full of old disco/funk loops anyway, what goes around etc!

On to this, then, and yes, it's a take on the More Protein classic of days gone by, which I always quite liked to start with. The Original is a pretty respectable chuggy houser, c/w Instrumental; the Dom Kane mix is more upbeat and driving with a techy feel to it, don't mind it but again it comes c/w an Instrumental, and the latter drags a bit. But for me the real action is on the two Greg Stainer mixes (Piano Mix and Bassick Dub), which tread a frankly sillier path with a big handbag/bassline house organ riff. This one had me bouncing around in my seat at work today while day-jobbing on a sports magazine so I guess that's job done. 

About the label: It's on Seamless Twelves. Seamless is quite an interesting label I think, they've gone from being a bit of an also-ran in their earlier days to right now one of the most reliable house labels around - everything on Seamless Black Label is usually at least worth checking.  Seamless Twelves is their more commercial side but check this anyway!


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