Sunday, 17 May 2009

Dekata Project - Viral EP

Zed Bias has been making great pigeonhole-defying records for years, Natalie Williams is this country's most under-rated soul voice by miles. Put them together and the results were bound to be pretty darn special. Enter this four-tracker from their new joint project (in fairness I should also mention songwriter & saxman Sam Sharp at this point, since he it was that brought the pair together).

Actually, Natalie only sings on one track, a cover of Secret Smile by Semisonic. This was one of the few 'indie' tracks of the late 90s that I really loved so Natalie covering it is a bit spooky and probably means we should get married or something, ha ha ha! The other three tracks are sung by newcomers Chloe Morgan, Yvette Riby-Williams and Neo Josua. All though fit in a fairly similar 'soulful, pop-tinged and just lovely' kinda box. Think Moloko, Crazy P, Barefoot, the first Ultra Nate album, Lisa Shaw… just quality dancefloor-inspired music for grown-ups, is the general idea.

Hear the tracks: at Dekata Project's MySpace

About the label: it's on Doshiwa Records, about whom I don't know anything except this EP is available for just £1 from their website, which is something you probably shouldn't ignore!

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