Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Zons of Zambesi - 'Zambesi'

I'd actually written a review of this for iDJ - which is actually credited to 'Christian Hornbostel presents Zons Of Zambesi' – but then realised it's already been out since mid-April so it's a bit late! Still, it had to get a mention somewhere, cos across five mixes it manages to variously combine Afro, deep, jazzy and prog/tribal vibes… and somehow NOT come out sounding a confused mess. Good effort! My money for dancefloor action would be on the Danny Massure Rumba Re-Rub, but the very musical album mix is pretty smart too. Coming from someone who's not normally known for a love of things Afro-y, that's praise indeed. 

About the label: it's on Xibaba Recordings, about whom I know don't know a lot except they're based in Germany and it's Hornbostel's own label. Any info anyone can supply would be welcome.

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