Saturday, 2 May 2009

Jadell, and some good news

Okay the good news is had a very nice msg from Matthew Bandy AKA Deep House Souldiers this morning, saying he's down with the name of this blog (which is a DHS track) so it's staying. Hurrah. 
On wit da music then, got sent this three-track 'Break To The Beat' EP by Jadell, he of Jungle Brothers-associatedness fame… and what a ker-razy EP it is too. The title track is a full-on funk wigout inna James Brown/car chase kinda stylee... there's loads going on in this tune, dancefloor craziness guaranteed for all you eclectic jocks. Then you get 'Disaster Area', which is a more contemporary brand of funk - think the groovier bits of earlier Ninja Tune, with a definite dubstep influence in there too. And then finally there's 'Make It Happen' feat Mike Coleman, which is like an early 70s psychedelic west coast funk jam and well mellow, Daddio… 
making for a pretty boss EP all round. It's out at the end of May so keep an eye on their website (below)

About the label: Rocstar is run by one Lee Potter, better known as Cut La Roc. Their MySpace describes 'em as 'breakbeat/hip-hop/house' which I guess covers it. It's like big beat done gone got all growed up, would be another way of describing it...

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