Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Oli Furness – Why Oh Why

Oli Furness Why Oh Why“Deep and tech house vibes meet jazzy moods and a touch of the old school warehouse sounds,” is how the hype sheet describes this one. Which is as quick and lazy a way of kicking off a review as I guess you'll find!

But yeah… house music for the louche-ward leaning and indolently inclined is pretty much the order of the day on the original of Why Oh Why. You get three mixes of it, though, plus bonus cuts 7 Inches and For You, though, so no slacking on the part of Mr Furness, who I gather is based in sunny Manchesterford-On-Sea. Soulplate's take on Why Oh Why is a little more upbeat and has that warm, sumptuous soulful kinda vibe (and lashes of extra sax) while Viper Strike's rub is in more of a late-night, sofa-sinking vein. 7 Inches is in a similar kinda deep house vein, and then For You brings the EP to a close with something a touch more wigged-out and dark room.

All told, a very solid offering from such a newbie artist/producer.

Out: This week

About: This is on Cardiff-based label Pole Position, which is owned by one Gareth Coates… who also happens to go by the name of Viper Strike. Funny, that! Anyway, you can HEAR THIS if you visit their Soundcloud page.

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