Monday, 20 June 2011

Christophe – The Force

Christophe The ForceThis one comes at you on Futureboogie, about whom more below! But as for the release itself… well yeah, 'future boogie' does pretty much cover it, as we take a trip back to the early 80s but in a 21st century kinda way.

SO, the original of The Force is essentially all about a big squelchy analogue bassline of the kind that emerged in the early 80s electrofunk era and was last heard during the early days of acid house. You then get a Julio Bashmore Piano Mix, in which the bassline squelch is dropped and instead there's lots of… well, yes, piano, in a vaguely Balearic kinda fashion. Lukas' rub is a more dubbed-out take on the original, and finally PBR Streetgang (AKA the Leeds-based duo of Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe) serve up a mix that's also mostly kinda like the original, but has a slightly proggy feel too, in the manner of all that 'Scandolearic' bizniss.

It's a strong EP all round, but for me the Original or Lukas win out – gotta love those early 80s basslines.

Out: This week

About: Futureboogie the label is only two releases old, but Futureboogie the club night has been running in TIWWD's home of Bristol for years (the best part of a decade, in fact). Promoted by former iDJ scribe Steve 'Joe90' Nickoll, they started out pushing bruk beat and nu-jazz at a night called Seen but in recent years have gone more down the nu-disco route… and you can find out all about their many and varied adventures by clicking here. Apologies Mr N if any of the history is a bit garbled!

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