Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Last week's releases - round-up

Hi pop-pickers, remember me? I used to write a dance music blog called This Is Why We Dance, only then I had a big gig on for someone else, and I went off to Cornwall and ooh, all sorts. So I didn't for a bit. But, had I been writing on this blog for the past seven days, here are the records I would have been propping…

South-West Seven - We Do EP (Autodeep)
Various/Yousef - Yousef Circus Reworks (Circus Recordings)
Alex Douche - Stories EP (Conya Digital)
Arnaud Le Texier - Make It Till Monday EP (Bass Culture)
Carlos Francisco & Roachman - 15 Minutes Of Fame (SP Recordings)
Nico Lahs - Clouded Visions EP - (Ovum)
Philthy Phonics - The Return EP (Ready Mix Records)
Ramorae - Conceptual Reality (Modifi Music)
Rayner & Wisqo - Disco Hooligan (Endemic Digital)
Rio Padice - Woodland (Claque Music)
Sinan Kaya - I Can't Wait For The Weekend EP (Unrivaled Music)
Tom Conrad ft Dawn Tallman - So Happy (Adaptation Music)
Various - Elektrik Souljah Sampler Vol 1 (Elektrik Soul)
Vato Gonzalez - Badman Riddim (Ministry Of Sound) (!)
Woods & Luyo feat Marica - Night Train (Tony Records)

Get googling…

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