Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Groove Junkies - Rhythm Talks

Been a while I must say since I've reviewed anything from the Groove Junkies.... no reason, just timing of releases, n' that. But anyway, here they are again now (or rather he is again now, seeing as it's just Evan these days) with Rhythm Talks, which is actually credited (as you'll see from the sleeve) to Groove Junkies pres Louis Hale feat Peggi Blu.

As seems to be the way with the GJs there's a pretty substantial remix rolecall, with no fewer than seven rubs on offer. Gonna rattle through 'em pretty quickly but the original is straight-up trad soulful house, the two Deep Afro mixes shouldn't need much explaining, Angell Vitorre & RJ Spinher's emphasis the spoken vocal to take us into that whole 'deep house plus poetry' arena, Christopher Wilde supplies a more laidback, beatdown-style take and then finally, the brace of GJs Mo Hump passes add a little disco energy for the dancefloor.

It's between the original and the Mo Hump Instrumental for me, but Wilde's mix is interesting as well.

Out: This week

About: As ever this is on More House, the Groove Junkies' own label… find 'em online and HEAR THIS here.

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