Friday, 3 June 2011 - When A Nerd Hits The Floor EP When A Nerd Hits The FloorHow can you not love an EP called that?! I figured we'd do this one next as it's very different from the Anthony Mansfield release below, being a much more tech-house kinda thang.

Five tracks in total, featuring Markus '' Ferdinand himself plus various collaborators - Patrick Kunkel, Chris Vogt, Harold Todd and Mz Sunday Luv. Not gonna go into all of them individually but if it's dark-ish, heads-down, driving grooves for underground dancefloors you're after, you'll be more than satisfied with this, with Mz Sunday Luv's bitch-diva vocal on God Damn Fucking Groupies raising a smile with its echoes of the mid-90s 'Vasquez vs Tenaglia' era. The Harold Todd spoken vocal on A Little Saxophone Story is pretty cool, too.

Out: This week

About: This comes atcha on We Play Minimal, so is proof that the German label do a lot more than just play minimal these days! Web-wise, you'll mostly find 'em on MySpace.

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