Monday, 27 June 2011

Lonya & Aruba - Cannibals

The latest from the ever-excellent Elevation Recordings, who seem to back to their usual prolific form after a quiet spell that followed the 50th release album.

As with a lot of Elevation stuff, Cannibals could be described either as deep house with prog leanings, or as the deepest prog you've ever heard. But what do labels matter when the music's as good as this? Mixes come from Superluminal, Daniell Spencer (x2), Audio Junkie and Bubba & T-Bone... they don't vary hugely TBH but I think Audio Junkies' rub would be my pick.

Out: Today

About: I've got a bit of a guilt thing going on here… Elevation were meant to be on the list of 'labels to watch' in the 'Rising Stars of Deep & Tech House' feature I did in iDJ recently, but somehow they fell off. Sorry Darran! But anyway, they're based in Galway, Ireland and they release great records, nuff said. Check 'em out on Soundcloud and Facebook

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