Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Frederico Todos – The Moment

Any readers who did Spanish at school (or just anyone who speaks Spanish, I guess!) will probably have twigged it already – this is a stealth release from Quebec's Fred Everything, going undercover here for Leigh Morgan's Urban Torque label.

And what a fine release it is too, as Fred flirts with deep house, nu-disco and hints of classic Balearica to produce a lazily uplifting musical concoction that's tailor-made for sun-ups and sun-downs. His original is accompanied by a deeper, Chi-town sounding dub, and then further complemented by a remix from Mattias Vogt which builds in an epic, Garnier-esque fashion and adds some treated spoken male vox (“I just wanna ask the question, where would I be?”).

To complete the four-track EP you get a Fred Everything Edit of the Vogt Remix, but Fred editing Matthias's remix of Fred is just a bit confusing so we'll leave it there for now. But yeah, The Moment – s'good. Original all the way for me but it's up to you, of course.

Out: This week

About: As I said this is on Leigh Morgan's long-running UK label Urban Torque. You can find them online here, while newcomers should also check out Fred's own label Lazy Days, who recently celebrated their fifth birthday.

I think that's, er, everything...

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