Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Alvaro Ernesto - Magdalena

I've got a gripe with this one… but I'll save that for the 'About' bit.

First, let me tell that this is just a fine and dandy little house/tech-house chugger that will serve your dancefloor nicely. It may not inspire you to put a comment below saying, "My God, this is the most ground-breaking and innovative piece of music production since Sgt Pepper's," admittedly, but then, not every record has to, does it?

No, it doesn't. Moving booties on floors is a large part of what house is all about, and this'll do that nicely. Three mixes on offer, and Dompe's is just a touch more bumpin' and funk-fuelled than the Original or the DJ Raid Mix, so that's the one I'd plump for, but any of one of the three will work on the floor without a doubt.

Out: This week

About: Okay, I did say I had a grumble… but it's not with the record, it's with the name of the label. There's just really no need to call yourself Shitfuck Records, is there? It just smacks of silly teenagers giggling about how WILD! and ZANY! they are to me – see also Fuckpony, nights advertising "fuckstep and shitcore", Shitmat Records, FuckButtons, yada yada yada… who precisely, in 2011, do these people think they're shocking? Yawn.

That's not to say Shitfuck don't put out some good records though, cos they do... or that I've got anything against them personally, or that I'm saying you shouldn't buy their shit… fuck, no! (teehee). Here's their website and, guys, I wish you all the very best! Just expressing an opinion here... and hey, maybe I'm outta step with the kids of today, what do I know? Maybe I should have called this blog Piss Is Wank We Twat, and all the skinny-jeaned little oiks would love me, and I'd be on and all that. But, y'know, I'm not gonna.

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